AIIMS 2013 Syllabus

The syllabus for the 2013 AIIMS examination has been declared and the candidates who are planning to appear for this examination must note it down so that they can prepare accordingly. The questions in the examination would be based on four different subjects namely physics, chemistry, biology and general knowledge.

For physics the candidates would have to prepare motion, measurement, wave motion, circular motion, Kinetic theory of gases, optics, thermodynamics, electricity, solids, Electro-Magnetic induction, nuclear physics and work and heat.

In chemistry there would be general and inorganic chemistry, structure of an atom, chemical bonding, chemistry of compounds and elements, energetics, state of matter and chemical equilibrium.

For biology the syllabus is more than the others because ultimately you will be studying MBBS where you would have to be very clear with your knowledge in biology.

The candidates would have to study the reproductive system, diversity of animal life, development of animal life, developmental biology, genetics and evolution, physiology and anatomy of plants, plant growth, internal structure of monocot leaves, mechanism and factors of plants, photosynthesis, transport of minerals and water and relationship between water and the cells of the plant.

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  1. sir,
    which books should be prefered for preparation of AIIMS 2013?
    can we refer to NCERT books..

    plz let me know as soon as possible

    • Rohit Kushwaha says:

      In physics……………. universal self scorer
      In chemistry…………. universal self scorer/o.p. agrawal
      In biology………………. universal self scorer/K.N. bhatiya/ncert

  2. sir which books should be prefered for preparation of AIIMS 2013 can we refer to NCERT books plz let me know as soon as possible

  3. Sanjib pattanaik says:

    Is NCERT is enough for the preparation of AIIMS 2013 or something more is required ?

  4. shubham sanghvee says:

    I am also confused

  5. reshma mansharamani says:

    is ncert enough for the preparation of aiims ?

  6. Sir, which books are to be used by students to crack AIIMS. Can we use Ncert books

  7. darshika rana says:

    can u please tell me which is the book…or i should refer ncert books..and which topics..i should focus more sir/mam

  8. akanksha soni says: ncert sylbus enough to crack aiims…plz let me know asap


  9. pls recomend other books also………….

  10. sab neet aur aiims m kitna antar h ji jaldi batio

  11. i am also want to goes to aiims

  12. Whats the syllabus for gk

    • Sir/mam,
      What is the syllabus for general knowledge?
      Which topics i should focus in physics?
      Plz reply mam/sir as soon as possible…

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